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Colors, walls, the floor. Every movement I feel, from dancing to painting and even the writing of letters to give meaning come from the same place. A place of sharing and depth. Colors somehow always made sense to me, lines and movements are just an extension of music and rhythm.

It’s been 30 years now that I’ve been painting on walls and canvases, 25 years dancing on floors, both expressions of a dynamic need to feel curves and the long flowing expression of music at the fingertips.

Academics brought me knowledge and the joy of expressing ideas and concepts on paper and through spoken words. Art has taken me around the world, galleries to train yards, street corners to museums. 

A long graceful connection between people coming from a shared amazement at beauty, breathing creativity gently through colors and allowing space for care and intimacy; all this brought by a few splashes of paint, a swing of the body and a smile. 


Magic in its own way.


This I feel.

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